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reshared this

All the Twitter clones failed to materialize into anything meaningful afaik (when was the last time you saw anyone mention Post or Spoutible?).

So if I have this right:

-Facebook is dead except for the 2023 equivalent of email chain letter content

-Insta is an ad-littered wasteland

-Tik Tok is facing a likely federal ban

-in April Elon will finish his slow murder of Twitter

not an original observation, but its incredible how much internet infrastructure was built by chill dudes with tempered goals and how much this space has been ruined by pissy edgelords and boss babies trying to create inescapable capitalist finger traps

Let's be clear:

An LLM does not create any new truths; they are architecturally incapable of abductive reasoning.

LLMs only generate statistically interesting strings of words that are surprisingly coherent yet untethered to any metric for truth.

The conversation around the retirement age being raised is missing a main premise - just because we’re living longer (most of us now aren’t btw) why would that automatically mean we need to expand our working years? Have we made zero economic progress whatsoever?

It's funny because I could code the first one, but coding a scarf from scratch would require that I begin to understand kinematics and I literally don't even know what that word means.

Programming is chaotic magic. There are no rules. You ask a game dev “Can the player summon a giant demon that bursts from the ground in an explosion of lava?” and they’ll say “sure, that’s easy” and then you’ll ask “can the player wear a scarf?” and they’ll go “oof”

Preventing online disinfo is hard. Sometimes there’s no best solution, just tradeoffs

But turning verification into “I have a credit card” (or stole a credit card) is impressively wrong. It’s like playing darts, missing the target, and somehow hitting the back of your own head

Had I bothered I’d still be verified now. Would it matter? Do my posts need an imprimatur of officiality?

Am I deserving of a blue check as someone that previously wrote for a specific website? Maybe? Maybe not? These are questions that twitter never got around to answering

Example of how arbitrary verification is: I could have been verified

While I was at The Onion our social media manager had a connection at Twitter. He asked for our handles to get verified. All I had to do was send an email. I didn’t bother because I wasn’t using my account then

Appreciate how overworked the blue check was

“This person is actually William Shatner” is hugely different from “You can trust this journalist” but it was forced to do both, along with a dozen other things

Was verification perfect? No, of course not. It was deeply flawed - an obvious result from using one badge for everyone from mega celebrities to to obscure bloggers - and handing them out arbitrarily with shifting rules over the years

But selling badges is the worst non-solution

Verification is actually for the benefit of everyone else, not the blue check holder

If verified Harry Styles posts a link to his tour website, fans know it’s really Harry Styles, not a scammer’s link to a virus download

The fact that most people couldn’t get a blue check is what gave them value

Like, medical degrees prove your doctor went to med school. If we let people just print them out at kinkos for $8 it’s hard to tell who should be performing open heart surgery on you

The real function of verification was that people like Shatner, LeBron, Taylor Swift, the Pope could post on here without being impersonated - free content for twitter worth billions

Now that’s gone because the owner wanted to stick it to lowly-paid blue check journalists

For You tab about to become the go-to spot for weird accounts complaining we don’t make marble statues anymore and investfluencers writing 10,000 word posts shilling Harambe Coin

"Publishers are not archivists, they’re not librarians, and they shouldn’t be in control of cultural posterity." @mariabustillos kicking ass as usual.…

Engineers and scientists live in this world all the time. The reason the current incarnation of these models is so concerning to me is that the vast majority of users won't know or care about these very important distinctions. They are ready to implicitly trust these things.

It's tough to even talk about this stuff. We have to walk the line in discussing what it looks like it's doing vs what it's actually doing. Then we have to clarify when we're talking about practical capabilities vs theoretically possible but not real yet.…

Twitter replaced the Black folk, women, Latinx folk, trans folk, Asian folk, and Middle Eastern folk that were running it, with a warroom full of anti-woke dudes.

How's that working out?

The man's tuition bill is $44B, and he's still not learning anything.

Must be a legacy. 🤷🏿‍♂️

If you're feeling sad because there aren't more boy doctors, maybe walk over to the computer science, physics, astronomy, and engineering departments, and tell them to stop driving all the women away.

That'll create some room for some mediocre med students! At least for a while.

And women are just as good as men at all sciences. All of them.

But... women avoid the most sexist sciences. Which means that they will be over-represented in the least sexist science based careers.

Some of the smartest "women physicists and engineers" smoked you in pre-med.🤷🏿‍♂️

Chart showing the percentage of women in various stem careers, with physics and Engineering being the lowest at 10.6 and 13.9% and biological sciences being the highest at 44%.

Racism and sexism in academia exist, in large part because lots of dudes in the classroom don't want to compete against motivated Black and brown women on a level playing field. 🤷🏿‍♂️

Because when you do compete on a level playing field, sometimes this happens.

🎉 @ServoDev now supports named access on the window object, upping the number of web platform tests we pass by over 130!

those tests (and countless more) rely on this “legacy” feature, because it makes them more ergonomic to read and write.… for @igalia


New blog post about recent improvements to how we run tests, yielding faster builds and fewer failures due to flaky tests:…

And I do think humanities is overpopulated these days. We need more people in hard sciences.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have critiques of STEM. A lot of the people in these fields are soulless. And the curriculum isn’t helping.

Adobe says its Firefly engine, which can generate new images from text descriptions, has been trained solely on legal and ethical sources, making its output clear for use by commercial artists.

My knowledge of Metroid and the lore is extremely basic, so forgive me if this is common knowledge but today I learnt the weapon symbols are the hand gestures Samus has to make inside the arm cannon to switch beam modes.


MàJ : ce tweet d'Enthoven date en fait de 2018 et concerne une fausse info d'un manifestant grièvement blessé, qui n'a jamais existé.

Tiens, #RaphaëlEnthoven relativise la mort possible d'un étudiant pendant la manif contre les méga bassines (ouais bah on va tous mourir) sur le même mode qu'Onfray relativisait la catastrophe climatique (rho, ça va, y'a des multivers)
Ça se dit comment "amour de la stupidité" en #grecancien ?

Je narrive pas à savoir si le message d'Enthoven est plus bête ou plus immonde...

Quand à Onfray je ne comprends même plus où il veut en venir...

Onfray a au moins l'excuse d'avoir perdu des capacités cognitives après 2 AVC
Ah mais je viens de chercher du coup tellement ça m'a surpris et je dois dire que je l'ignorais complètement.
Enthoven, c'est juste un rhétoricien, un bonimenteur qui ne défend rien d'autre que sa carrière individuelle et son existence médiatique.
Il n'a développé aucune théorie, principe ou concept d'analyse du monde et de l'existence.
Son opinion ne vaut rien de plus que celle d'un chroniqueur BFMTV
MàJ : ce tweet d'Enthoven date en fait de 2018 et concerne une fausse info d'un manifestant grièvement blessé, qui n'a jamais existé.

Ah OK. Merci pour l'information.

On sait s'il savait que c'était une fausse information du coup ?

Apparemment oui. L'info ici :
Merci @Grompf

On va causer fact-checking.

Et de politiser ou dépolitiser le fact-checking.

Regardez ce tweet.

J'ai pas besoin de vous expliquer l'actu en France ces dernier jours.

Regardez ce tweet. Lisez les mots de Raphaël Enthoven.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?


Bon, ça ne va pas me rendre ce pseudo philosophe plus sympathique, mais c'est moins gros que prévu et c'est une bonne leçon de prudence ;-)
Selon le wiktionnaire, l'antonyme de #philosophe pourrait être #asophileἄσοφος
Il y'a aussi imbécile, dont je ne sais comment il se prononce
J'apprends qu'#idiot est un mot grecἰδιώτης

The free speech / cancel culture thing? O.G. Nazi tactic. As they campaigned for power, the Nazis had posters with a picture of Hitler with his mouth taped. Familiar?


If people really knew about the nazis, there'd be fewer shit analogies, less condemnation of accurate comparisons, and no smothering complacency, bc people would see that literally everything the creeping mainstream far-right do now, the O.G. 1920s-30s nazis did as they rose.

The situation isn't helped by the fact that there is a voluminous literature on the Nazis and the Holocaust, scholarly and popular, and a gargantuan percentage of it is superfluous and obfuscation - even before we get anywhere the fetid waters of revisionism and denial.

Y'know how Nazism is the one historical topic that everyone knows about bc it's constantly in TV, film, documentaries, books, etc? Nope. People don't know anything about the Nazis. The constant discussion is a smokescreen, squid ink, not information, not history, not truth.

Its amazing pundits STILL do not understand that "raising the retirement age" is a nice sounding way of saying "cutting social security significantly" that is meant to fool rubes and journalists-but i repeat myself

Hip-Hop Stands With Survivors is calling for Universal Hip-Hop Museum Chairman Rocky Bucano to resign because they believe he has ties to Zulu Nation &its founder Afrika Bambataa, who's had numerous child abuse allegations.