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Life has to change

It's mostly not enough for a full blog post, how my days here pass by, but it's a few things I want to share. My life has quite came to some halt due to this burnout situation and I have to learn what it is like, to just cannot do things right now instead of pushing through as I was used to.

Quite a lot of changes also include taking the freedom to rest whenever I need it - even if I do not enjoy it. Sure, this is not ideal for job life... but that's the reason why it's some disease needing to be mended.
Accepting you've "achieved" burnout is the best thing for you. I've been there - it's awful, and can progress into more debilitating conditions if you're not careful.

I used to always "just power through", getting more coffee, working longer/later... and only late last year after all my efforts to support customers who took it all for granted, and then took their business elsewhere, did I realise how futile it was. It did nothing for me, only for them.

Wish you a calm, steady recovery and the patience with yourself to stay well.

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