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Graphs of the sizes of fediverse instances, how common they are, and where the most people are! 🧵

Data pulled from (by @TheKinrar) and excludes pawoo and baraag as they're heavily blocked for good reasons (it seems)

Breaking down instances by the number of users into bins (that are quasi human friendly logarithmic), we see that the majority (55%) have 2-50 users, ~33% have 1 user, and almost all instances have less than 5,000 users.



Histogram of fediverse instances by account size ... see toot for description

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Though most instances are very small (in user count), the large instances are very large by comparison. The result is that the 20-30 largest instances host around half of all the users of the fediverse.

This graph is a cumulative percentage of all users starting with the largest instance and descending. By 20th largest, we've got 50% of all users. hosts ~16%! The top 10 get you ~40%. Note that this includes 2 large japanese instances (

Line graph of the cumulative percentage of all users hosted by the largest instances ... see toot for description
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Which for me leads to the question of how many people are on instances of what size (eg, what percentage of all users are on instances with 10-20K users?)

Well, turns out it's pretty even (using the bins from above), from 1K to 1M users, with 10% users in 1K-5K instances and ~13% in 50K-100K instances. Only below 1K user instances do you get a substantial drop off in the number of users on such instances.

Take away for me, plenty of people on 1K to 40K instances!


Bar chart of the percentage of all users on instances of various sizes showing that most users are NOT on instances with fewer than 50 users, but above that, users are fairly evenly distributed across the bins of sizes (see toot text for more information / interpretation)

Taking the data from above, we can make a cumulative percentage graph (line chart) over the same bins as above.

We see that the halfway mark is ~50K users. So half of the fediverse are on instances with 50K or more users, half on instances with less.

Slightly more technically, this line is pretty straight (as users are roughly evenly spread out, highlighted above). Given that the bins are roughly logarithmic-ish, this hints that the distribution is a power law.


Graph of the cumulative percentage of all fediverse users accounted for by instances of increasing size (where instances are aggregated into bins of roughly logarithmic ranges, eg, 0-2, 2-50, 50-1000, 1000-5000, etc).

The line is roughly straight from the 50-1000 users bin up to the 1M bin, passing 50% of all users at around the 40,000 to 50,000 users bin.