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Unplanned downtime


Dear users from,

Unfortunately, there was an unplanned downtime since 1:00 AM for about 14 hours.
The services are now back online.

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Unplanned downtime


Hi, I'm sorry there was an unplanned downtime for the last 30 minutes after a unexpected restart. reshared this. | Short Downtime because of DB adjustements

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I do have to restart the Database instances because they are too resource hungry.

There's a short downtime possible. reshared this. reshared this.

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First announcement | Twitter integration stop

Hi ! ,

This is the first post in the forum.

And sadly a post, not everyone will be happy about it. Twitter will possible introduce a paywall for using its API tomorrow. If so, this node will stop supporting the direct Twitter integration as well. This means that posting or mirroring Twitter posts - using a Friendica account - won't be able anymore.

I'm sorry about it and hope that Twitter will regret it's decision soon to make the Twitter integration possible again..

Kind Regards,