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Here's your weekly Symfony Station News Hightlights. It's a roundup of Symfony, PHP, Drupal, and Cybersecurity news.

Welcome to the February 3, 2023, Symfony Station news highlights. It's your quick review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities. It’s also a condensed version of our extensive weekly communiqué.

As always, thanks to Javier Eguiluz and Symfony for sharing our latest communiqué in their Week of Symfony.

My opinions will be in bold.
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As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> “This week, Symfony 5.4.19, 6.0.19, 6.1.11, and 6.2.5 maintenance versions were released. The 6.0 and 6.1 branches will no longer receive any updates, so consider updating your projects to Symfony 6.2. Meanwhile, the upcoming Symfony 6.3 version marked DSNs as sensitive parameters and removed them from exception messages, added support for Redis Relay in cache, and updated the VarDumper component to display all invisible characters.“

A Week of Symfony #839 (23-29 January 2023)

Symfony announced:

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - Getting ready for Symfony certification - and beyond

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - Announcement of all pre-conference workshops

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - From social to tech - a plea for atypical profiles

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - Welcome to the wonderful world of distributed systems!

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - Announcement of all pre-conference workshops

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - Generics (in PHP)

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - Reinventing the Symfony Console component

Sponsoring Program - Symfony 6.2 backers

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - Designing your API for the future

SymfonyLive Paris 2023 - Once upon a time, the Workflow component

SymfonyCasts continued its course on the utterly excellent API Platform:

This week on SymfonyCasts

This Week

Mislav Jantoljak shares:

Netgen Talk: Why We Love PHP for Building Next-Generation Websites

I am starting the SymfonyCast NetGen Layouts course, so I was happy to run across this.

Although it’s an obvious point, Ozan says that a framework isn’t perfect for every project:

Symfony is not the best framework.

Nacho Colomina Torregrosa explores:

Accessing Symfony security user on the background


Prestashop announces:

PrestaShop 8.1 is now in feature freeze

Henguelbert Loyo shows us:

How to Create a Magento 2 Admin Config & Access to it


Drupal Partners asks:

What is the future scope of Drupal as a CMS technology in 2023 and beyond?

In addition to a look at the future, this is mostly a history of Drupal with some interesting graphs.

Martin Ricken shows us:

How to create a Views bulk operation


WP Tavern takes:

A Look Under the Hood at Engine Awesome, a Laravel-based SaaS App Using Gutenberg

Previous Weeks

CivicUK shows us how to:

Build a grid section creating a new Drupal Media type

Colorfield examines:

The state of GraphQL with Drupal 10 (part 1)


This Week

Ollie recommends:

Start Programming in PHP OOP Now to Harness its Power

JetBrains announces:

PhpStorm 2022.3.2 is now available

The PHP Foundation has:

PHP Core Roundup #9

Tomas Votruba says:

Good Bye, Monorepo

I will agree with him but only for 5-10% of the websites on the internet. It's overkill for the other 90%.

Ayesh Karunaratne shares:

How to extend lifetime of legacy PHP applications

Previous Weeks

Mitul Patel lists:

11 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making With PHP Website Development


MIT announces:

World Wide Web Consortium is now a public-interest nonprofit organization

The Harvard business review looks at:

Cultivating the Four Kinds of Creativity

I am definitely in the figure-ground reversal camp.

The Los Angeles Times opines:

The real aim of big tech’s layoffs: bringing workers to heel

Unfortunately, it’s the goddamned truth and not an opinion.

Mozilla looks at the efforts for browser interoperability:

Interop 2022: Outcomes

Ahmad Shadeed provides an excellent:

Guide To Responsive Design In 2023 and Beyond -

The Fediverse

Glenn Fleishman asks:

Is Your Future Distributed? Welcome to the Fediverse!

Buffer announces:

Make Your Mark in the Fediverse with Buffer’s Mastodon Scheduler

I am thrilled with this announcement.

Lifewire opines:

Twitter May Soon Be Irrelevant, Thanks to a Mastodon Version of Tweetbot

If only.
Unfortunately, only Space Karen driving Twitter into bankruptcy has a chance at this.

Speaking of which, TechCrunch reports:

Twitter to end free access to its API in Elon Musk’s latest monetization push

So Shitter’s CuntEO makes this move several weeks after fucking over the businesses most likely to pay for this. A very stable genius.

And here’s what really boils my piss about it. Movetodon is/was a service that lets you find your Twitter followers who are also on Mastodon so you can follow them there.

Elon Musk Is Running Scared From Mastodon; Cuts Off The Best Tool For Finding Your Twitter Followers There

Take login by Twitter off your apps peeps unless you want to pay through the nose. And if you make Twitter apps or bots, I hope you have diversified. Even if you stick to the backtracked “free api for good content”, Space Karen is going to fuck you over eventually.

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