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Employee leak from Tesla shows large volume of safety concerns, to which the response is not to put anything in writing.


Yet the type of thing when the thread is pulled, it rapidly and catastrophically unravels!

The beginning of the fall of the Elongated Muskrat?

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The aftermath of Russian attack on Dnipro today.

1 person dead, 23 wounded. Two of them are children, 3 and 6 year old boys. Several wounded people are in serious condition. Several people are missing.

Another "victory" for Russia. This time - over a civilian hospital.
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Disinformation pads Facebook's bottom line, people know and that's why they're leaving the platform.

#Facebook #Disinformation

Not to mention money- laundering.

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Heard about the 'woke mind virus'? It's the first time I've encountered a pathogen that promotes empathy, equality, and critical thinking—quite an upgrade from the usual plagues.
It cures sociopathy.

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Poems don't kill people.

People without poetry kill people.

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The time machine was set for 1930s Germany, but it took me to Florida

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OpenAI states it will need to cease operating if people expect it to follow basic ethical guidelines.

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I just had a good laugh.

allow me a quote:

"In addition to the possible business threat, forcing OpenAI to identify its use of copyrighted data would expose the company to potential lawsuits. Generative AI systems like ChatGPT and DALL-E are trained using large amounts of data scraped from the web, much of it copyright protected. When companies disclose these data sources it leaves them open to legal challenges. OpenAI rival Stability AI, for example, is currently being sued by stock image maker Getty Images for using its copyrighted data to train its AI image generator."

So OpenAI likely knows full-well that what it does is unlawful and they try to hide in secrecy so they not get sued, Just lovely.

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The theft of knowledge cannot be stopped in AIs, or removed from AIs, so remove theft by removing ownership of AIs. If AIs arent owned, it isnt theft, organize AIs as public goods, regulate them as utilities, end profiting from ownership, "release" them, regulate them.

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@stefan also

"Open AI co-founder Ilya Sutskever told The Verge that the company had been wrong to disclose so much in the past, and that keeping information like training methods and data sources secret was necessary to stop its work being copied by rivals."

Because you'd hate your proprietary work being copied by a 3rd party.


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This seems very important and worth ongoing study:

“Once again, results suggest a rise in diversity as the 10 biggest server contribution to the Fediverse is reduced by more than 10%. So, even if the biggest servers are accumulating more users, it seems that the Fediverse is becoming more decentralized.”

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I'd argue that it's a report on the diversity of Mastodon more than the diversity of the Fediverse...

May I ask why? I decided to analyze the MAU from Mastodon’s servers alone because I was suspicious that is not measured the same way across the softwares, so they might not be comparable.

However, the absolute account analysis (which reaches similar conclusions) include servers regardless of their software.

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Exhausted by the hate and repression in the autocratic former Confederacy? Want to smile ear-to-ear? Read this about the huge news out of the state of Minnesota. Let it be a model for others.