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Planned Downtime / Migration


Dear user,

I'm planning to migrate my server infrastructure onto a more powerful environment.
The goal is to increase the performance, as, I think, you all currently experience a downgrading performance.

I hope it will help :)

It will take some hours, where will be temporary unavailable from time to time.


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Unfortunately, the migration didn't work so I had to rollback.
--> I will retry again in august reshared this.

Unplanned downtime



I'm sorry, after upgrading my server, there was an unplanned downtime.

Sorry for this inconvenience and have a nice day.

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! !

Deutsche Version weiter unten!

I'm currently trying to optimize the whole and Friendica nodes, because I recently found some memory leaks and other performance issues. Because of that, I do need to restart both servers sometimes in the next hours.

So please be patient. I hope the nodes are more performant afterwards :)

Regards Philipp


Ich versuche gerade und zu optimieren. Dabei stieß ich auf ein Speicherproblem im Server, das ich gerade zu beheben versuche. Durch diese Behebung kann es in den nächsten Stunden zu vermehrt Neustarts kommen.

Ich bitte um etwas Nachsicht/Geduld und hoffe, dass die zwei Instanzen danach wieder flotter sind :)

Danke & Freundliche Grüße,
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Unplanned downtime


Dear users from,

Unfortunately, there was an unplanned downtime since 1:00 AM for about 14 hours.
The services are now back online.

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Unplanned downtime


Hi, I'm sorry there was an unplanned downtime for the last 30 minutes after a unexpected restart. reshared this. | Short Downtime because of DB adjustements

! , !

I do have to restart the Database instances because they are too resource hungry.

There's a short downtime possible. reshared this. reshared this.

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First announcement | Twitter integration stop

Hi ! ,

This is the first post in the forum.

And sadly a post, not everyone will be happy about it. Twitter will possible introduce a paywall for using its API tomorrow. If so, this node will stop supporting the direct Twitter integration as well. This means that posting or mirroring Twitter posts - using a Friendica account - won't be able anymore.

I'm sorry about it and hope that Twitter will regret it's decision soon to make the Twitter integration possible again..

Kind Regards,
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@Philipp Holzer Did Twitter actually introduce the paywall? Also I see that you have a FOLLOW button at the bottom of your Forum side panel. Could you explain how you got the FOLLOW button. I have a Friendica forum on my own server and I have not been able to find any instructions on how to get this button.