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When people say that all superheroes are inherently fascist, they're ignoring the very real reasons superheroes were invented (mostly by immigrant Jews before and after WWII as a warning against fascism), and extremely specific examples of superhero antifascism like this.

A famous story about the Superman radio show of the 1940s is that it prevented a postwar revival of the Klu Klux Klan because of a storyline in which Superman investigated & defeated a Klan-lookalike gang. This story was widely popular and by portraying the Klan unfavourably, is supposed to have stemmed their growing membership. SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN is a YA graphic adaptation of the story, written by Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by Gurihiru. (1/2)

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Cover of the book "Superman Smashes the Klan", by Gene Luen Yang.

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“What comics and film have in common is they were considered schlock, not-respectable media that were looked down upon, and hence there was an opportunity for Jews to get into these fields – in the creative and business ends – which were open to them, whereas other fields, like most mainstream publishing and advertising, were not.”

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Being edgy by talking about superheroes as fascists ignores the very real people who created those works as a warning AGAINST fascism.

If you think all superheroes are just power fantasies, you're entirely missing the point of them.

I still won't let him live down the time he supported a Bronx gentrification scheme.…

Travis Scott hired a neo-Nazi killer cop to be his security guard.

This sucks @trvisXX…

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Based on a (somewhat blurry) example I got, Meta's new app looks a lot like Twitter.

So, could this take over all the Twitter screenshots we've been seeing on the Feed lately? Maybe.

It’s impossible to predict how audiences will respond but this could be an alternative.


leave Twitter to devolve fully into Truth 2.0

The app will have creator controls and account safety features.

For example, accounts you’ve blocked on IG will carry over

Hidden words you’ve selected on IG will also carry over.

The app will have a centralized feed showcasing your followers and recommended content

You can post text updates up to 500 characters (that’s less than an Instagram caption, an extended tweet or a LinkedIn post so be concise!)

And also videos and images.

The decentralized app is built on the back of Instagram but will be compatible with some other apps like Mastodon.

So, users on other apps will be able search for, follow and interact with your profile and content.

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Meta’s been briefing creators on it’s upcoming text-based app — now looking at a possible late June launch.

Details are in my newsletter but I’ll list some highlights 🧵


@RaineyOvalle The loyal knight of the northern region challenged any who stood in his way, his words bellowed through the air like thunder.

"What's good???"

His opposition trembled at the mere sound of his voice

"Aite den" he spoke firmly, as he returned his sword to its sheath.

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When the dust settles EIon Musk will not be remembered for his wealth or his businesses but rather the sheer volume of separate, distinct instances where it was made obvious that he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing or talking about.


Definitely is not a contemporary Howard Hughes in the 21st Century

@xoxogossipgita I agree, but if I may make an addendum: make the art even if it sucks, because there can be value in bad art!

@xoxogossipgita I want more mediocre art! Like, art by people who are just okay at whatever it is but who really want to make it and just enjoy doing it!

Write your comic! Draw your illustrations! Draft your novel! Write fic and make zines and express yourself, nothing matters anyway!

In the face of a real eradication of the structures that allow people to make art for a living, I think everyone should make art with wild abandon

how and when did we let republicans start calling sex education books and classes “pornography” and that just become the dominating narrative

What's wrong with Switch Sports?

I'm not even exaggerating when I say it's the only Switch game I've been playing lately.

nintendo should never reboot this shit again.…

Considering certain songs he has put out, I'm convinced that Kid Cudi makes whack songs on purpose.

Y’all arguing that pajamas and bonnets in public are holding the Black community back? On Malcolm X’s birthday? 😂

Jumping for joy that your dentist is denying dental care for someone wearing pajama bottoms. Is this where we are as a people?

Clean version, sped up version, slowed & reverb version etc
Major DSPs, Bandcamp, YouTube. I’d even consider dropping on rumble just off the fact that you don’t know who’ll land on it.

More artists should be considerate of accessibility. Especially if we’re to give our products the life span they deserve.

Y’all being fatphobic but do y’all realize we SHOULD have more space on planes??

Planes are squeezing more and more people on to increase profit and decrease comfortability.

One thing the American people have mastered is siding with capitalism to hate someone.

Because they can't. The tech industry has no solutions to offer to real problems. All they can do is find new veins of dishonest hype to mine.

When I see people arguing over Game Pass vs PS's like the worst possible iteration of console wars imaginable. They are services, not the actual platforms. Arguing over who has a better subscription service is a dark future.

I feel situations like this only strengthen my belief that subscription services are not the future. They're great as an additive but they should never become a place for exclusive content.

i dont wanna fall into the trap that a lot of people do imo where the offline or analog is inherently more liberatory because that's so obviously a cyclical trend based thing to me. ive felt the digital world and the physical world at different times in my life to be liberatory

Bruh Crack laced with Fentanyl is the WILDEST shit I have heard in a minute… like first of all… crack in 2023… secondly… at what point is crack not strong enough that you need the super crack? 😭